Why is a Skincare Regime Important?

You can invest in fantastic products that feel wonderful to use. But if they only sit on yo

You can invest in fantastic products that feel wonderful to use. But if they only sit on your bathroom shelf, you may as well not have bought them at all. Here are some tips to help you stick to a skincare routine.

Why is a Skincare Regime Important?
Why is a Skincare Regime Important?

Why is a skincare regime important?

Skincare is a little like anything you do, you can’t always expect to get value from doing it just once? Or for a week? Would you floss once and expect the effects to last? Skincare’s immediate benefits can be reaped over time. Keeping your skin clean, moisturised and protected is a result of many tiny efforts, not one big pampering operation or extreme treatment. And ideally, your skincare routine should become second nature, something that happens on auto-pilot – a bit like brushing your teeth.

Tips for sticking to your routine

Make it enjoyable

It’s so much easier to keep doing something that’s pleasant – so do whatever you can to make your skincare routine an enjoyable moment at the start and end of each day. This could mean choosing products with scents and textures that you like, playing your favourite music while you do your skincare, or even putting a vase of flowers on your dressing table. Prioritise your enjoyment. Having the right tools can play a part too. Experiment with different techniques and accessories like muslin cloths, brushes, towels, flannels and pads until you find the ones you like using the most.

Make is easy

You’re most likely to stick to a routine that’s straightforward, easy to remember and doesn’t take up too much time. Keep it simple – just use the products that work for you. 

Little practical steps can help too – putting a hair tie beside the sink so you don’t have to search for one before you wash your face, lining up your products so they’re easy to reach, and keeping them somewhere handy, not shut in a cupboard, so they act as a reminder when you see them each day. Build in time for your skincare every morning and evening and factor it into your wider routine as much as you can. For example, your morning may always start with a cup of tea, your favourite radio station, shower, skincare and then choosing your clothes for the day.

Experiment and be flexible

Having a regular routine doesn’t have to mean you never adjust your skincare. There will be times when you want to add something new or change the quantities or types of products you use. For example, the dailymicellar water you use after work may need to be changed for a cleansing milk or gel after a night out so you don’t have to scrub at your skin. You may choose to skip moisturiser and choose an SPF targeted towards oily-prone skin. Or you may opt for a mattifying product in summer.