Why I love Lipikar Syndet AP+

  • Claire suffers from eczema, primarily on her hands and feet.
  • She was introduced to Lipikar Syndet AP+ body wash by her sister, who uses it for her entire family!
  • The fragrance-free formula makes it ideal to use on all skin types, especially sensitive skin.
Why I love Lipikar Syndet AP+

I'm Claire and I am a loyal user of Lipikar Syndet AP+ body wash!

I was introduced to it by my sister, who first started using it for her baby's cradle cap, and then for all the family. I tried it when I went to stay at her house a few years ago, and have been converted ever since.

I suffer from eczema breakouts, usually due to stress, on my hands and feet mostly. If you've ever suffered from eczema you'll know how itchy, red skin is the last thing you want when you're already feeling tense and under the weather! Before I discovered Lipikar Syndet AP+ body wash I used regular shower gel and rarely made any connections between the quality of my skin and the products I used to wash my body. Sometimes I'd notice that my eczema stung after using a certain shower gel, but I never thought to look for something specifically for my skin condition.

From the very first time I used Lipikar Syndet AP+ body wash I noticed how my skin felt hydrated and soothed instead of feeling tight. It was as if I'd quenched my skin's thirst! I like that it doesn't have a fragrance, as so many body washes have these artificial perfumes to them that don't even last on the skin afterwards.

Lipikar Syndet AP+ body wash helps to soothe my skin and reduce the itching, which means I scratch less. Less scratching means I don't break the skin and cause the blisters to ooze.

I'm definitely going to continue using Lipikar Syndet AP+. body wash. I don't have any children (yet!) but when I do, it's great to know the whole family can use the same body wash because it's free from soap and parabens.

A big thumbs up from me for Lipikar Syndet AP+!