Why I love Lipikar Oil

I'm Nicole, and I'm a loyal Lipikar oil user! My son Gus has dry, eczema-prone skin, so choosing skincare products him, particularly for bathing, was a nightmare.

Why I love Lipikar Oil

All this changed when we were recommended Lipikar Oil by one of the mums at pre-school about a year ago.

I wasn't sure when I heard the word "oil" at first, because I thought it'd be greasy – and no-one wants a slippery toddler in the tub! But from the very first time I used it, I noticed how soft it felt on the skin – Gus even seemed to enjoy bath-time for once.

Because it's pH neutral, soap-free, alcohol-free, colorant-free and paraben-free, I don’t worry about him having any flare-ups, plus it helps protect the skin from the drying effects of hard water, which we have where we live. Lipikar Oil contains a number of ingredients that help relieve sensitive skin: niacinamide has been shown to help repair the damaged top layer of the skin, as well as shea butter that works to restore lost lipids.

Because Lipikar Oil can be used by the whole family, it's saved me a lot of time and hassle choosing different skincare products for everyone. That's why I now recommend Lipikar Oil to other mums, even if their kids don't suffer from eczema. It's nice to apply, everyone can use it, and it protects the skin – what's not to love!