Why athletes should wear sunscreen


  • Harmful UV rays ar


  • Harmful UV rays are present all year round and even penetrate through clouds
  • Sport protects against 13 types of different cancers but increases the risk of developing a melanoma by 27%*
  • Sweat production can cause sunscreen to slide off as it evaporates, and also run into the eyes, causing them to sting.
  • Anthelios sweat-resistant sunscreens offers very high photostable UVA, UVB and infrared protection.


Why athletes should wear sunscreen
Why athletes should wear sunscreen

UV exposure, whatever the weather

Anyone who spends time outdoors is exposed to potentially damaging UV rays, which is why track and field athletes as well as runners (competitive or not) need to take particular caution when outside.

Even on an overcast day, your skin is still at risk from UV rays. The World Health Organisation** explains that "UV levels are highest under cloudless skies, and cloud cover generally reduces a person's exposure. However, light or thin clouds have little effect and may even enhance UV levels because of scattering."

Sweat and sunscreen

One of the reasons experts advise reapplying sunscreen regularly, especially when doing sport outside, is because of sweat. When we perspire, the sweat evaporates off the surface of the skin and takes most sunscreens with it. Wiping your forehead, for example, or towelling off, also remove sunscreen from the skin.


La Roche-Posay recommends

Unlike most regular sunscreens, Anthelios Ultra Comfort Cream is specifically formulated to stop the migration of sunscreen due to sweating during, thus minimising eye irritation and stinging. With its minimalist, sweat- and water-resistant formula, this nourishing cream formula is a must-have for all athletes.