What type of sunscreen should I use?

Everyone is happy to see the sun! But we now know we need to be very careful about our sun exposu

Everyone is happy to see the sun! But we now know we need to be very careful about our sun exposure, to avoid UVA and UVB damage – be it skin ageing, sunburn, or, ultimately, melanoma.

What type of sunscreen should I use?
What type of sunscreen should I use?

Day to Day

No matter how long you plan to spend outdoors, dermatologists recommend wearing sun protection, as UVA lights can even penetrate glass.

For Holidaymakers

Heading on holiday and not sure which sunscreen to take? When packing really, really light pick up Anthelios XL SPF 50+ Stick, another hypoallergenic high protection solution in a handy pocket-sized format. Looking for a fresh feeling too? Anthelios Invisible Anti-Shine Mist, contains a high broad-spectrum photostable UVA/UVB/Infrared protection sunscreen. The light formula is the first of its kind and is really easy to apply, water resistant and leaves no marks.

For mums-to-be

The higher SPF the better when pregnant. Wear sunscreen every day, even if it’s cloudy and you feel it’s not necessary. Those rays come through clouds, and even windows! If it’s not UVA rays, it’s the UVB rays doing damage to your sensitive skin.

With oestrogen levels up, skin hyperpigmentation is a real risk – also known as the mask of pregnancy. Cover up with a t-shirt and hat and apply high SPF daily. Anthelios products all have a high PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening) factor, offering one of the best protections against UVA.

Anthelios XL Ultra Light Fluid SPF 50+, is the best lightweight facial sunscreen. Easy-to-apply, it’s non-greasy with an invisible finish and is water resistant. A great ally in preventing sun-induced dark spots! For the body, try Anthelios Body Milk SPF50+ that also has an exceptionally high, broad photostable UVA/UVB/Infrared protection and a minimalist, water resistant hypoallergenic formula.

For kids

Did you know that just being sunburnt five times before the age of 20 increases melanoma risk by +80%? And with 80% of sun exposure before the age of 18, it’s good to protect your kids the best way possible.

La Roche Posay’s Anthelios Dermo Pediatrics range is tested for children and babies and recommended for sensitive skin. Try Anthelios Baby Lotion SPF 50+ formulated for children's delicate skin from 6 months old. It’s extremely water resistant, and non-greasy with high broad, photostable UVA/UVB & Infrared protection. Its SPF 50+ protection is reinforced against UVA rays thanks to patented filtering system Mexoplex® combined with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water and Shea butter to moisturise and protect. It contains no preservatives, no parabens, no colourants, no fragrance and no lanolin. It is hypoallergenic and non-comedogenic (won't block pores).

Remember, paediatricians and dermatologists recommend babies under 3 stay out of the sun altogether. Even in the shade, optimal protection is recommended. An alarming 39% of children still get frequent sunburn.

5 Golden Sun Rules

  1. Keep out of the sun between 11 am and 3 pm when it’s at its strongest. March-October (UK & Europe)
  2. Wear SPF even indoors or in the shade.
  3. Use 35ml or 6-8 teaspoons of high SPF lotion for good coverage.
  4. Reapply sunscreen every 2 hours.
  5. Visit a dermatologist and get checked regularly. If detected on time, 90% of skin cancer can be treated!