What’s the best cleanser for sensitive skin?


  • Cleansing twice a day is really imp


  • Cleansing twice a day is really important for managing sensitive skin
  • Cleansing removes not only make-up and impurities, but pollution and particles that block pores, and dead skin cells that accumulate overnight
  • Dermatologists recommend Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser for sensitive skin


What’s the best cleanser for sensitive skin?
What’s the best cleanser for sensitive skin?

Why cleanse?

Keeping your skin cleansed and moisturised is essential for it to thrive, look healthy and protected.  According to Dr. Justine Hextall, a Consultant Dermatologist, “if you’re trying to manage sensitive skin, the first step is all about the cleanser.  Using a very gentle cleanser is going to put some nutrients and some hydration back into the skin, which is incredibly important.” explains Dr Hextall.


Cleanse and cleanse again…

Dermatologists recommend that you cleanse morning and night. Dermatologist Dr. Emma Wedgeworth, explains “it’s really important to cleanse twice a day because in the evenings you’re getting off all the pollution and particles that can block pores, and in the mornings you’re actually reducing oil production, whilst getting rid of any dead skin cells that have accumulated overnight. So cleansing is actually really important.”


Always remove makeup!

Removing any makeup before going to bed is vital! Although make-up wipes may seem like the easiest option, these preservative-filled wipes are actually “the enemy of sensitive skin” as Dr. Justine explains.


Dermatologist-recommended cleansers:

Dr Emma explains “think about a cleanser that suits your skin type; so if you’re sensitive go more for a cream-based cleanser”.


Toleriane Dermo Cleansing Milk

Enriched with Glycerine and La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water, Toleriane Dermo Cleansing Milk instantly soothes and cleanses dry, irritated skin. Specifically formulated for sensitive, reactive  skin, apply this cream cleanser with a cotton pad to remove impurities and make-up without stripping the skin.