What causes dry skin?

Do you suffer from flaki

Do you suffer from flaking, tight and rough-feeling skin? For some people, dry skin occurs every now and again, in cold weather or under stress for example. For others, dealing with the symptoms is a daily battle. Here are some of the causes behind dry skin, and once you know the cause you can start the right treatment.

What causes dry skin?
What causes dry skin?

N°1: The weather

Extreme temperatures and a lack of humidity in the air can damage the protective layer of the skin, causing it to lose natural moisture and dry out. This is why we tend to notice dry skin breakouts particularly in the winter and after hot summer holidays. External aggressors such as the wind can also affect the skin’s natural barrier.

N°2: Chemicals

Harsh cleansers, or exposure to chlorine and other chemicals can have serious consequences for the skin, stripping it of its natural oils and resulting in dryness, redness and discomfort. After swimming, make sure you take a thorough shower to wash off the chlorine, and check that the facial cleanser you are using is gentle.

N°3: The wrong skincare

While you might be following all the right skincare steps, if you're not using products formulated for your skin type then you could end up exacerbating the problem. Use products designed for dry skin and adapt your products to how your skin changes over the seasons.

N°4: Eczema

Your dry skin may be a symptom of a skin condition such as eczema or dermatitis, so it's important to visit a dermatologist if the problem persists. A common sign that indicates eczema is a tingling or itching sensation before the appearance of a dry, red rash.

N°5: Genetics!

Sometimes dry skin can be hereditary. Like our hair type, colour and body shape, we inherit our skin from the family chain. It's common that parents who suffer from dry skin have children with the same condition. However, with the right skincare routine, you can keep your naturally dry skin under control.