What are some of the triggers of dry skin and eczema?

It’s hard to know just what triggers your dry skin or eczema because, essentially, everyone is different and we all have different triggers.
What are some of the triggers of dry skin and eczema?

To establish what your triggers are, take a peek at this list of 10 regular triggers and see if any of these are the culprits that set you off?

Dr Adam Friedmann and his associate consultants at the Harley Street Dermatology Clinic (www.theharleystreetdermatologyclinic.co.uk) says, "those with allergic contact dermatitis (caused by an allergic reaction) or irritant contact eczema (caused by a chemical irritant) can be treated by identifying the cause and avoiding it!"

1. A lack of moisture in the skin
If you don’t moisturise regularly, your skin could be suffering and coming up with dry patches, and thus itchy skin and eczema.

2. Fragrances
Dehydrating agents found in soap, wipes and fragrances can all aggravate an eczema prone skin.

3. Hot water
Hot water can be a trigger, because skin can become irritated by the temperature difference so keep the water warm and bathing short.

4. The wrong diet
A healthy, balanced diet helps the immune system but a food allergy could be the guilty party. Ask your doctor about taking a test to confirm possible allergens.

5. Stress
Stress and anxiety can make rashes worse. It’s all linked to the immune system and stress levels and hormones.

6. Lack of sleep
Tiredness also can make most rashes worse. It’s all about lowered immune system and stress levels.

7. Lack of exercise
Obviously being healthy and active is best. The better you look after yourself, the better your immune system. Exercise is a great mood booster and keeps stress levels down too.

8. Chemicals and detergents
Whether it’s in your washing machine, or at the pool, take care to note what chemicals and detergents your skin is coming into contact with. It might be helpful to check the levels of chlorine you’re swimming in, as well as the type of detergents you’re washing your clothes with.

9. Excessive temperature changes
Whether it’s the cold wind or overheating and sweating, temperature peaks and troughs can make dry skin worse.

10. The wrong fabrics
Forget scratchy wool and sweaty man made fabrics. Go for loose, breathable cotton or linen for your skin.