Wave Your Magic Wand

Can your mascara wand really make a difference to creating the lashes you desire? Read on to f

Can your mascara wand really make a difference to creating the lashes you desire? Read on to find out. 

Wave Your Magic Wand
Wave Your Magic Wand

When it comes to mascaras, the shape and quality of the wand really does count if you’re trying to create the look you desire, whether that’s volume, length or definition. Wand shape is important because it affects how much formula goes onto the lashes, as well as determining the precision of your mascara application. Moreover, some mascara brushes can cause eyelid irritation, which means that those with sensitive eyes or contact lens wearers need to take extra special care when choosing what mascara wand to use on their delicate eye area.


The La Roche Posay Toleriane mascara range contains four distinct anti-friction applicators with round head teeth, which means less eyelid irritation for sensitive eyes. Our dermatologically tested formulas are hypoallergenic and nickel-controlled to avoid contact dermatitis flare ups even on the most sensitive eyes. All our wands are specially designed to create just the look you want. Read on to find out the best wand type to create your look.



Toleriane Volume Mascara

Thanks to its contoured silhouette and supple bristles, this brush takes up the ideal dose of product. It then takes just one stroke of this high-precision, ultra-gentle brush to uniformly coat each and every lash (even the shortest) for a volumised feather light look, without risking eye irritation. 



Toleriane Extension Mascara

The double-sided, high tolerance brush on this wand smoothes and strengthens lashes to swathe the entire lash length with pigment, providing extension, length and curl.



Toleriane Multi-Dimension Mascara

Our high-precision, multi-dimension, high tolerance wand sculpts and defines lashes one by one, from the very first sweep, to create amplified, defined lashes.


Toleriane Waterproof Mascara

This new helical (spiral) “express load”, high tolerance brush coats every single lash instantly, while the gentle anti-friction bristles guarantee an even distribution of formula for a lash-perfect make-up finish that lasts all day and is waterproof.