Video: why do women get acne during their period?

Video: why do women get acne during their period?
Video: why do women get acne during their period?

It's a well-known fact that around their time of the month, women often get pimples, but why is that? Beauty blogger Viviannadoesmakeup gets the lowdown from acne expert Dr. Tabi Leslie.

Viviannadoesmakeup: So have other women said that they tend to find spots popping up towards that time of the month, during their period?

Dr. Tabi Leslie: It is very common in women to complain about spots around the time of the period, it’s usually just before or during and then they seem to settle. If you think about your menstrual cycle the hormones vary and just before the bleed there is a rise in certain hormones and a decline in others hormones. So you can imagine they are almost mimicking times when a testosterone type drug might be higher than at other times and then you will get an outburst of spots.

So it’s a bit inevitable?

In many women. One also has to be careful about women who have Polycystic Ovary Syndrome, this is a disease where you can get cysts on the ovaries that produce abnormal amounts of normal hormones and these ladies also suffer. And some of these ladies also get hairiness or hirsutism as well as obesity. And it’s useful to treat the polycystic ovaries and the skin often settles. Also we put young ladies on the pill and these pills contain something that is the antidote to testosterone.

So aside from the pill would there be any topical treatments that you’d suggest, so just your standard things…

Oh yes, you go through the normal topical treatments; by mouth treatments but with women we have the additional capacity to treat with hormone therapy.

Good to know, thank you.