Video: why do people get acne during pregnancy?

Video: why do people get acne during pregnancy?
Video: why do people get acne during pregnancy?


Beauty blogger Viviannadoesmakeup asks acne expert Dr. Tabi Leslie why some women find that their acne improves during pregnancy, while others see their skin deteriorate even if they’ve never really suffered from acne before.

Viviannadoesmakeup: A lot of my readers have kids or are pregnant, I’m not really there yet myself but I hear that, that can really do some strange things to your skin. There are hormonal imbalances and a lot of people struggle with acne. Why is that?

Dr. Tabi Leslie: It is interesting you say that a lot of people struggle with acne. Quite a few people actually find that their acne gets better.

Oh really, better skin?


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Being pregnant is like being on the oral contraceptive pill. So the same sort of hormonal changes are taking place. So actually in some cases their acne improves.

So it’s a bit of a flip of the coin really, one way or the other…

But in some women, sure, it does deteriorate and it really depends on what their hormones are doing during the pregnancy. I know you’re going to ask me next; can you tell if it’s a boy or a girl?

Can you?

No. The levels of your own testosterone-like hormones and cyclical variation of progesterone and oestrogen etc, is not really related to the sex of the child.

And is there anything that a pregnant woman could be doing to prevent this from happening?

This is very important because a lot of women who do deteriorate during their pregnancy come to see me and say ‘look I’ve never had acne before’ and presumably most of the time it’s because they’ve been on the pill. Then they’ve come off the pill got pregnant and then their natural acne is coming forward.


But now your hands are tied as a physician or as a doctor in the sense that you cannot give them anything by mouth because it could be detrimental to the baby and we would never give a vitamin A drug or cream because that could be detrimental theoretically to the baby. Therefore, there are only a few ingredients that you can use and its best to check with your doctor before you use anything during your pregnancy for your skin

That’s really good advice, thank you.