Video: what is the psychological impact of acne?

Video: what is the psychological impact of acne?
Video: what is the psychological impact of acne?

Acne can have an impact that isn't than just skin-deep. Beauty blogger Viviannadoesmakeup speaks to Dr. Tabi Lesli about the psychological effect acne can have on sufferers.

Viviannadoesmakeup: So let’s talk about the psychological effects of acne-prone skin…

Dr. Tabi Leslie: Have you had any Anna?

I’ve been lucky enough so far, fingers crossed, to just have the odd spot here and there, definitely period and hormone related, but I have friends and family members that have really suffered with acne.

I see a lot of teenagers, and even people much older in their 20’s and 30’s, who are so affected that they don’t even want to leave the house sometimes and to me I might only see a few spots and to them it’s a huge deal because of their friends, they feel stare at them, they feel different to their friends. Then I have other people who have lots of spots who aren’t bothered by it at all and I go ‘are you here for your spots’ and they go ‘no, actually I’m here for something else why what’s wrong with my face.’ So that’s the worst thing, but I find that there’s also a lot of guilt. So often people are told it’s what you’re eating, it’s because you’re stressed, so many things. People go onto faddy diets, they cut out a lot of things in their life and there is a huge body dysmorphia, or body dysmorphic type thing where they think their acne is much worse than it actually is.

I find that in my readers a lot. They come up and they say ‘my skin is awful’ and I look and I see one or two spots nothing terrible at all.

One of the commonest questions I get asked is ‘why have I got acne, and why hasn’t so and so got acne, my other friend.’

Who eats loads of chocolate!

Who eats loads of chocolate, loads of dairy products, or sugar or whatever it is. It’s because it’s genetic as well and if you have a family history, not only are you more likely to get the acne, you may be more severely affected than other people. So why do my friends only get one or two spots every time she’s got her period but I’ve got them the whole time, and what am I doing wrong. The other thing is people often say I am scarred, you’ve just said to me I have scarring.


But you may actually not have scarring, you may still have the acne and if I treated your acne you would lose those marks quite effectively.

I need to come to your office then!


Thank you for the tip, that’s great advice.