Video: what are the top tips to avoid acne?

Video: what are the top tips to avoid acne?
Video: what are the top tips to avoid acne?

Beauty blogger Viviannadoesmakeup sits down with dermatologist Dr Tabi Leslie, who shares her expert tips on how to avoid getting acne. 

1. Avoiding oily hair and skin care products

Dr Leslie: There are quite a few tips and it depends on what type of skin you’ve got, but on the whole if you want to prevent clogging of pores causing whiteheads and blackheads then you’d obviously avoid oily products on your face, especially in girls with foundations, and especially in boys with wax and mousse and gels in their hair

2. Exfoliating acne-prone skin

 A lot of people think that if I clean my face with soap, that is enough but often you need something with an exfoliant in it, something that will actually remove the top layers of the skin and not just the dirt because dirt isn’t implicated in acne at all.

3. Genetics and acne: treating acne early on

You might argue that if you’re going to get acne and there’s a genetic basis to it, can you really stop it? I think if you’re noticing spots during your periods then you may be able to prevent the acne from progressing by seeing your doctor and going on hormone tablets such as the oral contraceptive pill. If you feel that your acne is progressing and you can’t prevent it then treat it very early because even if you’re not preventing the blackheads and whiteheads in the first instance or you’re struggling to treat them, if you treat them early and effectively then you might not get those red angry cyst spots.

4. Avoiding scarring

Again if you want to prevent the marks from acne, you might want to avoid squeezing and try treating the underlying cause.

5. Changing your pillowcase and tying hair back

Vivannadoesmakeup: What about sanitary things as well, so changing your pillowcase is that something you’d recommend?

Yes, I mean I think that’s a very good idea. With girls often with long hair who have a lot of conditioner that they use I would say tie your hair back.

 6. Avoiding back acne

Often it’s people who are wearing Lycra in the gym and cycling and the sweat is being sort of contained there. In young girls it’s often that they have products and they’re wearing low cut backs, and the hair, especially in bed, the oils are getting in to contact with the back. With the chest again it can be, not just sweat related, because sweat doesn’t necessarily block the pores, but if you don’t remove the sweat and you continue to block the pores with oils then you will get chest marks as well.

7. Keeping your phone clean

Vivannadoesmakeup: That’s a good one, and one that I found recently is to clean your phone. Like a little antibac wipe out on the phone, I’ve been doing that recently. Of course you put it up to your face all the time.

People often say to me why have I got acne on this side and not on this side. It’s often the side that they sleep on but it can also be the side that they may be putting something against.

8. Keeping your makeup brushes clean

Vivannadoesmakeup: Would you suggest washing your makeup brushes as well?


Vivannadoesmakeup: How often?

It depends how often you wear makeup, it depends how old your brushes are, whether you need to get new ones rather than just keep on washing them.