Video: skin myths with blogger Em Ford and dermatologist Philippe Beaulieu

Video: skin myths with blogger Em Ford and dermatologist Philippe Beaulieu
Video:  skin myths with blogger Em Ford and dermatologist Philippe Beaulieu

Should you squeeze blemishes? Is the sun good for acne? Are face wipes ok to use? My Pale Skin beauty blogger Em Ford heads to Paris to talk to dermatologist Philippe Beaulieu who helps clear up common skin myths and shares his everyday advice for problem skin.

Em Ford: Hi guys and welcome back. Today I’m in Paris with dermatologist Phillipe Beaulieu and we are answering your questions about acne. I asked you guys on Twitter to send in some questions to me and we’re going to go through those today.

Let’s start off by talking about skincare myths. What are some modern skincare myths that you really wish people wouldn’t talk about on the internet?

Phillipe Beaulieu: A few very important myths. Diet is not responsible for acne; if you eat different meals you have no problem with this. If you eat only hamburgers, it’s a problem because it’s very fatty and it can induce the problem of acne prone skin. The sun can improve imperfections but it’s a false friend. When you stop going in the sun you are going to have more imperfections.

EF: Really?

PB: Really!

EF: If we go into the sun our skin will get better, and then we’ll come out of the sun and it’ll get worse?

PB: Yes.

EF: I never knew that.

PB: Coconut oil is not good, because it’s oil and it’s comedogenic.

EF: So coconut oil isn’t as good as people think it is?

PB: Yeah. No hamburgers, no coconut oil and no sun.

EF: So no fun! We can eat some fast food but in moderation; everything in moderation and the sun isn’t as good for you as people say it is.

PB:  You can use sun protection.

EF: Oh yeah get a good SPF and you’ll be alright, okay. And coconut oil, not a fan?

PB: No.

EF: No, alright. I’ll stay away from that one. The next question comes up all the time; I see it in my comments all the time. When you have blemishes is it best to squeeze them or leave them?

PB: Oh yes, usually I say to my patients no, it’s not possible to squeeze because you can induce scars. The only moment that you can do it is if you have got blemishes with pus. So it’s possible to do it with clean hands and with a comedone extractor.

EF:  So if I’ve got a nasty whitehead I will squeeze it and get rid of it, is that bad, or should I stop?

PB: It’s not a good thing, not a good thing.

EF: I’m sorry. If you’re taking roaccutane what are your tips for dealing with the side effects and is there anything you can recommend to help deal with it?

PB: Yes, when you use Roaccutane or Isotretinoin the main side effect is dryness and if you use it its very uncomfortable for the patient. It’s the reason why it’s necessary to use moisturiser and for instance that you have got a lot of choice on the market and you can use for instance Effaclar H to reduce this dryness

EF: So get a good moisturiser, choose wisely and you should be alright.

PB: Okay, I agree with you

EF: If someone is suffering from clogged pores or blackheads even, what would you recommend that they do?

PB: Yes in this case we can use a dermacosmetic product with LHA and with keratolytic action.

EF: What does keratolytic action mean, I don’t really know.

PB: The objective is to get rid of dead cells and to reduce sebum, which induce comedones.

EF: Why is it so important to get rid of those dead skin cells?

PB: If you reduce comedones you are going to reduce inflammation and bacterial proliferation.

EF: Okay so grab an LHA acid and you should be alright?

PB:  Yeah, it’s a good solution.

EF: Thank you. Final question and this is a big one so I hope you’re ready: what do dermatologists really think of makeup wipes?

PB: Ah, no, it’s not possible, not at all. Because a lot of ingredients….no you can’t use it, not at all.

EF: No, never?

PB: Never.

EF: Are they ever a good thing?

PB: Ah sorry, never.

EF: Never, not even in an emergency?

PB: No.

EF: Never, not even if I’m camping?

PB: It’s not a good thing.

EF: Or I’m at a festival, or I’m in a tent

PB: No.

EF: Got no running water.

PB: Sorry.

EF: Well there we go then. Phillipe thank you so much for joining me today I feel like I’ve learnt so much. I hope that you guys did as well, so a huge thank you to you for joining me and a huge thank you to La Roche-Posay for introducing us, because I feel like it was fun, we had fun today. I hope you guys enjoyed watching this. And if you learnt something new today then let me know in the comments section below thank you so much and don’t forget to give this video a huge thumbs up, and don’t forget to subscribe. I’ll see you guys soon, bye!