Top 5 blemish cover-up tips from make-up artist Corinna Harrod

Top 5 blemish cover-up tips from make-up artist Corinna Harrod
Top 5 blemish cover-up tips from make-up artist Corinna Harrod

If you’re too late applying the right product on your spots to prevent a full-on breakout, worry not as London makeup artist Corinna Harrod from the London Makeup Blog has it covered (no pun intended). Read on for our basic fail-safe tips to cover up blemishes, and hopefully forget they were ever there!

1.Start with clean skin

It’s the most basic of rules, but it really is essential. It’s key to have a good skin routine that involves gentle yet efficient cleansing. Many people use products that are too harsh on their skin. Some acne cleansers end up stripping the skin, causing an overproduction of sebum and further breakouts, rather than giving it the TLC it needs.

2. Treat the blemish

It really helps to use something to treat the spot that’s cropped up. The best thing to do is to ask your chemist for products containing LHAs, salicylic acid and that are non-comedogenic (meaning products that won’t block pores) that will keep the skin hydrated for 24 hours. Remember to let the product dry before applying the rest of the makeup. Also, make sure to still cleanse and tone the skin properly despite the breakout.

3. Use cool primers

Some concealers have ingredients that fight bacteria and help even out tone which is really useful, so as well as covering up the blemish, they are working to make it disappear. 

4. Use the right brush

Always apply concealer after foundation. And for a light coverage that keeps the skin nourished, The Skin Edit team recommends Effaclar Duo (+) Unifiant, which is especially engineered for blemishes and breakouts. Its reinforced anti-inflammatory action refines skin texture noticeably while its anti-bacterial properties get to work on unblocking pores. By using a small pointed brush, you can get a real precise application and target the right area, without going for blanket coverage that can quickly become messy!

5. Go Yellow

Unlike concealer we use under the eyes, to cover angry blemishes you need something yellow-toned to cancel out the red! Go for the same colour as your skin and foundation. Avoid the slightly lighter tones that will draw attention to the blemish - that is the last thing we want!