Tips for working out without triggering your eczema

  • Sweat and increased blood circulation can result in increased sensitivity for people’s skin.
  • Learn how to reduce your sensitive skin triggers.
  • La Roche-Posay: your solution to sport minus the sensitivity.
Tips for working out without triggering your eczema

Often after exercise skin can break out into red patches, stinging sensations and/or itchiness. Why does this happen, and does it mean you need to throw in the towel?

Working up a (sensitive) sweat

Sweat is a combination of water, chemicals, salts and sugars that skin releases when we're hot. It's our body's way of trying to cool us down and prevent overheating. But, for those with naturally sensitive skin, this moisture can irritate the surface of the skin and cause irritation, often manifesting in redness and a painful stinging sensation.

Prevent the post-workout sensitivity

The reason that skin can sting after exercise is the sweat left on the surface that then causes irritation. If possible take a lukewarm shower to rinse off the sweat as soon as you have finished your workout. Be careful to choose an appropriate water temperature, as extreme temperatures can also provoke sensitive skin.

Your skincare warm-up and warm-down

Ensure your skin is already calm and soothed before you start your workout. Just like stretching your muscles before you exercise, your skin needs to be prepped. Opt for fragrance- and paraben-free moisturisers for your face and body that are formulated for sensitive skin. Re-apply these after you shower to rehydrate your skin once again.