The top 6 yoga retreats in the Med for radiant skin

The top 6 yoga retreats in the Med for radiant skin
The top 6 yoga retreats in the Med for radiant skin

What could be better for you than a yoga break in the Mediterranean, combining a little vitamin D, a good dose of yoga and plenty of rest and relaxation? Not much apparently! Charlotte de Rivaz, head of holistic therapy at Hagan & Pappin in London agrees.Going on a yoga break is a great way to revitalise a dull complexion. The asanas improve blood circulation and digestion - giving you bright, glowing skin - as well as building internal heat to flush out toxins. Retreats focus on healing you from the inside out: you're encouraged to eat healthy food, reduce your caffeine intake and get at least eight hours sleep, which will leave you feeling and looking fantastic.” With that in mind, we take you on a whirlwind tour of our six favourite Mediterranean retreats to get your skin glowing in no time!


Privately owned and unspoilt, Silver Island is what eco yoga dreams are made of. Just off the mainland, this 60-acre hideaway features gentle rolling hills, idyllic coves, ancient olive groves, cypress trees aplenty and the gentle soundtrack of the cicadas - not to mention the magical Mediterranean views. Sharing with just ten guests, in traditional whitewashed Greek homes, you can while away the days between the two-hour dawn and sunset yoga classes. An eco-retreat, you’ll find no mains water or electricity, only solar power and filtered rainwater. A truly off-the-grid experience.  

Mallorca, Spain

If you like to scuba dive as well as do yoga, then Breathinspiration is just the thing for you. Combining both her passions, Andrea Forizs, a yoga practitionner, scuba diving instructor and life coach, set up this little place to breathe freely in a corner of paradise. She also works with international yoga instructors who teach Ashtanga, Kundalini, Budokon and Vinyasa flow, or Yin yoga at her retreat. 

Tuscany, Italy

Join Adler Thermae’s Yoga Antistress retreats with Barbara Woehler for a digital detox as well as Hatha yoga sessions including Asanas (postures), Pranayama (breathing) and yoga Nidra (deep relaxation). You’ll love the views over the Val d’Orcia’s gentle rolling hills and the Italian food – as much as feeling totally disconnected. 

Vis Island, Croatia

A week-long retreat at Yoga Retreat Croatia includes everything from daily yoga and meditation classes, vegetarian meals, excursions, adventure tours and free wifi. There are even bicycles to discover the islands, a pool and a lovely low key vibe.

Daios Cove, Crete

Blissful Daios Cove is a luxurious resort offering retreats as well as three- or four-day yoga packages with personal training. You’ll get daily sessions, bespoke workshops, a fabulous spa with indoor pool and plenty of invigorating fresh sea air, as well as beautiful views and, should you want to bring the family along, the kids’ club is a treat for little guests.


A charming bungalow village five minutes from the beach, it’s all about low-key great service and friendly faces. Villa Iz's lush gardens are the perfect place to get back to nature. On the menu many Turkish delights as well as freshly caught tuna and utter relaxation. Don’t miss a boat trip to your very own Robison Crusoe beach. 

And, if you needed any more motivation - did you know that inversions and forward folds stimulate blood flow to the head, acting as a natural facial?