Routine recommended for dry skin

Routine recommended for dry skin

Colder weather can cause the skin’s protective barrier to become weakened leading to dry irritated skin and even an increase in eczema flare up’s.

The Lipikar range is designed to compensate for the lack of oils within the skin and to protect it from daily aggressors and calm sensitivity. The simple three-step routine consists of washing the body with a product called Lipikar Syndet; this anti-irritation body cleanser has a gel cream texture and contains no soap or fragrance so is ideal for irritated skin. It works to restore suppleness and comfort the skin while showering.

For v dry skin prone to irritation, I recommend the Lipikar Baume AP+, it’s hydrating and nourishing and fragrance free. Due to the high concentration of nourishing active ingredients you only need one application per day.

It is called “Quick Dress” meaning you can get dressed immediately after application without having to wait for the product to absorb into the skin. 

Top tips to manage dry skin - Avoid long baths; when bathing add a replenishing oil to the bath water, ;avoid hot water, opt instead for a tepid water; limit your time in the shower 5- 10 minutes max; pat skin dry after you shower; eat omega rich foods.