The best skincare routine for sensitive skin

  • If you often notice your skin reacts to certain skincare pr

  • If you often notice your skin reacts to certain skincare products with redness, dryness or a burning sensation, you may have sensitive skin.

  • A sensitive skin type requires the use of gentle, specially formulated skincare products that don’t contain soap or alcohol.

  • If your sensitive skin flares up, look for a soothing balm that will protect the skin’s outer barrier while adding hydration.

The best skincare routine for sensitive skin
The best skincare routine for sensitive skin

Do you often suffer from skin irritation, discomfort and/or intolerance to certain skincare products? It sounds like you might have a case of sensitive skin. Sensitive skin can suffer from all sorts of flare-ups, meaning those of us with this skin type need to constantly keep our eyes open for potential triggers.

A skincare routine tailored to your skin type can be a way to reduce and calm your skin's sensitivity. Here's our guide to the best skincare routine for sensitive skin...

Cleanse, but gently

The key word throughout your skincare routine is "gentle." Use gentle products, apply gently, remove get the idea. If your skin is dry AND sensitive you might find that an alcohol- and soap-free make-up remover milk like Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser is your best option. However, if you suffer from reactive sensitive skin (you regularly suffer from sensitivity flare-ups like redness, inflammation, discomfort etc.) then a soothing micellar water like the Micellar Water by La Roche-Posay leaves the skin clear without over-drying or leaving behind any residue.

Moisture that supports the skin

When it comes to sensitive skin, simple is better. And what could be simpler than water itself? The Toleriane Ultra Moisturiser is formulated with neurosensine, an active that helps reduce skin reactivity. Plus, it exists in an ultra-fluid formula for normal to oily sensitive skin so it’s suitable for most skin types.

Emergency balm

Because sensitive skin can flare up at any moment, ensure that you've got it covered for any scenario by carrying an emergency soothing balm in your bag at all times.  The Cicaplast Baume B5 is ideal for sensitive skin following irritation. Plus, it can be used on the body, face and lips, making it a practical all-in-one skinsaver!