SPF spray, mist or cream – which is right for you?

Suncare for every skin type

Find out which type of suncare is best sui

Suncare for every skin type

Find out which type of suncare is best suited to your skin type and how the Anthelios range can help – whether you’re on the beach or making your daily commute to the office.

SPF spray, mist or cream – which is right for you?
SPF spray, mist or cream – which is right for you?

Facial sun protection

As the face is always exposed to the sun throughout the year, it needs to be protected every single day. This is because long UVA rays are present all year round, even when it’s cold and grey outside. If the skin is left unprotected, UVA can reach into the deep layers of the dermis causing premature ageing signs and pigmentation to appear.

And, if you find sunscreens are too greasy for your face or that they cause irritation, then La Roche-Posay’s Anthelios range can help. It has textures and formulas suited to every skin type and each is specifically formulated for the needs of sensitive skin.


Normal to combination skin

If you have normal to combination skin, then the Anthelios 50+ Invisible Fluid will make the perfect addition to your routine. This lightweight yet moisturising sunscreen protects the skin from UVA, UVB and oxidative stress induced by infrared, and is hypoallergenic - so it won’t create any irritation or leave you feeling greasy. 


Oily and blemish prone

If you have more of a combination, oily or blemish-prone skin type that is also prone to sensitivity, try a product such as Anthelios XL Anti-Shine Tinted SPF50+. With double anti-shine action and universal micro-pigments, it immediately absorbs into the skin and leaves it feeling dry and matte. It also creates the perfect base for makeup.



Very dry skin types will benefit from a creamy textured sunscreen like the Anthelios Ultra Comfort Tinted BB Cream SPF 50+. With exceptionally high SPF protection, this facial sunscreen provides broad photostable UV protection while providing the skin with a light natural glow. Make it your go-to every morning.


Sunscreen for the body

When summer arrives, you’ll probably start to bare a little more skin and may even be heading off on a beach holiday. Make sure you’re prepared with one of our best-selling body spray sunscreens.


A body spray for every skin type

The Anthelios Invisible Spray SPF 30 features our Shaka Protect Tech and is especially suited to sensitive skin types that are prone to sun intolerance. Drier skin types should opt for a richer textured formula like the Anthelios Comfort Body Lotion with SPF30. While deeply nourishing, it’s easy-to-apply and lightweight so won’t leave you feeling sticky. The Anthelios Invisible Kids Mist SPF 50+ also takes the hard work out of keeping the smaller members of your family protected. It’s suitable for the face and body and comes out whiter than other Anthelios products so you can ensure you haven’t missed any areas on your child’s skin.



Top tip: Don’t forget to protect the more delicate and hard-to-reach areas of your face and body such as your hairline and ears. The Anthelios Invisible Anti-Shine Mist  delivers very high protection against UVA and UVB with the lightness of a thermal spring water, so is ideal for ensuring you haven’t missed any smaller spots. You can also spritz it over makeup for a top up of protection throughout the day.