Skincare Routines for Students

Taking care of your skin with a student budget and a student lifestyle? It can be done. Here are

Taking care of your skin with a student budget and a student lifestyle? It can be done. Here are some essential tips for student skincare success.

Skincare Routines for Students
Skincare Routines for Students

Understand where your skin’s at

For most people, starting uni happens in their late teens or early twenties – a time when your skin is transitioning from teenage to adult. You may be waving goodbye to the oily skin and frequent breakouts of your teens, and experiencing new skincare issues like dryness, dullness and even the first signs of ageing. Pay attention to your skin and adapt your skincare to what’s happening with it – whether that means using exfoliating products to boost radiance or a hydrating mask to combat dry-looking skin.

Time is on your side – use it wisely

If there’s one thing students are rich in, it’s time. Use it to shop around for products that are on offer – and stock up if you see multi-buy items. Remember though, it’s only worth spending your money on something if it’s the right product for your skin. Do your research to make sure you’re buying the right things to suit your skin. Blogs are great for finding out what has worked for people with a similar skin-type and lifestyle to you. You can also sign up to email newsletters and competitions to see if you can get free samples or join trials of skincare products.

Look for multi-tasking products

It’s all about finding the versatile products that work smarter and harder, without costing you extra. There are skincare products out there that combine two or even three functions in one. BB creams are excellent for evening out your skintone and helping to cover blemishes, while also offering moisturisation, sun protection and other skincare benefits. Micellar cleansers can remove makeup and also cleanse the skin. And versatile balms can be used on lips, hands, elbows and any chapped areas of skin.

Stick to a routine

This advice is standard – and for a good reason. A skincare routine is one of the best ways to maintain healthy-looking skin over time. Your skincare routine doesn’t have to be complex – in fact it’s easier to stick to a routine that doesn’t take up too much time or require too much preparation. 

The backbone of any skincare routine is to cleanse and then moisturise – making sure your skin is clean and hydrated, morning and night.

Use sun protection

Daily sun protection will help guard your skin against UVA and UVB rays. It’s the UVA rays that contribute to skin ageing. By applying sun protection now, you’ll not only prevent the effects of the sun today, you’ll help your skin to look healthier in the future too.