Makeup essentials for your handbag

  • Always carry a lipstick and lip balm

  • Always carry a lipstick and lip balm

  • Pack a bronzer for instant glow

  • Keep a mirror handy

Makeup essentials for your handbag
Makeup essentials for your handbag

What do you carry in your handbag? Most of us seem to have an eclectic collection of useless bits and pieces in there. Now’s the time to have a sorting session and get rid of the old junk that has been lying at the bottom of the bag forever and update your essentials to this season’s finest.

Your go-to lipstick

We’ve asked Nicola Schuller, expert and makeup artist to the stars (including Caroline Flack and One Direction) for her top lippy tip. “My handbag essential lipstick of the day is usually a bright colour, but I am loving NYX Liquid Suede Vintage for this autumn.”

Extra lip care 

In addition to lipstick, if you suffer from dry or chapped lips as the weather turns colder it’s also worth carrying some lip balm or Cicaplast Levres, a great fixer for sore lips.

Something cheeky

For an instant glow, always carry two-in-one powder foundation and bronzer – it’s the easiest way to add a little colour into lackluster skin, doing miracles for your complexion.

Keep it clean

What else? Those wanting ward off germs during the change in seasons should pack a small bottle of hand sanitizer, and also hand cream to combat the astringent effects of the sanitiser so your hands are germ-free but still silky soft.

Mirror, mirror in my bag…

It’s always useful to have a mini mirror handy for last minute makeup fixes. If you don’t have one, use your smart phone on “selfie” setting – a good trick to check yourself out, discreetly!

Multi-purpose all rounder

It’s rare that a cream can be used to nourish cuticles as well as an anti-bacterial product for cuts and grazes, but La Roche-Posay’s Cicaplast Baume B5 indeed does it all, making it a handy essential to have on you at all times. 


A packet of pocket tissues is a must. Even glam Nicola confesses to carrying them “I feel like a bit of a nan confessing that part!” but they can save many a tricky situation, from the classic lipstick OD, to the runny mascara, or simply helping stem the flow of that dreaded cold…