Improve your selfie: the importance of a beauty routine

  • Improve your skincare routine

  • January 15th 2018
  • Improve your skincare routine

  • Get the right lighting

  • Pick the right filter

Improve your selfie: the importance of a beauty routine
Improve your selfie: the importance of a beauty routine

It’s becoming an art these days, and celebs have it down to a T. But sometimes, if you don’t have a stylist and a team of minions to help, it can be tricky business getting that perfect selfie!

Here are 5 quick tips to improve that shot, and have you close up ready with the help of Nicola Schuller, expert and makeup artist to the stars.

Get your skin ready

Nicola says “I am in an almost OCD skin care routine! I think it's incredibly important to make this part of your morning and bedtime routine. Make sure you allow time for cleansing, toning and moisturising every day.” The results will speak for themselves.

Grab the light

Finding the best light is crucial. There’s no such thing as a good selfie, if you’re partly obscured or have unsightly shadows in all the wrong places. The expert’s tip? “A round-ring-selfie-light always helps!”

Pick the right filter

Experiment with filters to find the most flattering. Blue might be the most popular colour tone on Instagram but is it really going to do you any favours? Try the warmer orange tones to help improve your skin tone. And, of course, good makeup will also help with your complexion!

Treat your skin to a mask

Nicola recommends treating your skin to a weekly mask. “I am obsessed with those peel away masks. They really work. They are so rich that nourishing and hydrating the skin couldn't be easier. And, they make zero mess while giving you 20 mins to kick back at the end of your day.”

Get lippy

The perfect Selfie seems to go hand in hand with the perfect lips. Nicola’s tip? “Blow out your lips, as if you're doing a raspberry to look relaxed.”