How to prevent spots before an event

How to prevent spots before an event
How to prevent spots before an event

It’s the night before your best friend’s wedding, which she’s been meticulously planning for months. You’re the maid of honour and have just discovered a huge blemish right in the middle of your forehead. Don’t let it ruin your day by following our tips to avoid a confidence crisis before any big event.

Massage away your stress

Take the time to treat your skin to a massage. Forget your shoulders or feet, a stimulating facial massage will help to alleviate any pent up anxiety you have before a big event. When your hormones are imbalanced this can cause breakouts as cortisol, the stress hormone, contributes to fluctuating hormone levels.   With all the stress of a big event it’s important to remember to de-stress your skin as well as your mind.

2. Overnight treatments

If you usually focus on your morning skincare regime, then start to focus on your evening ritual. Our skin repairs and regenerates itself during sleep, so help it out by applying products before going to bed, giving your skin all night to absorb the products. Retinol is a great treatment to use overnight as it encourages the turnover of healthy new skin cells - just in time for your big event.

3. Target blemishes

With a big event coming up you don’t want anything to dent your confidence. If you do have any blemishes that need taking care of, use products that contain salicylic acid and LHAs. These ingredients will get rid of dead skin cells and deeply exfoliate your pores, which will help pave the way to clearer skin.

4. It’s all in the eyes

Concentrate on taking care of your eyes; these are the first thing most people notice. Eye-brightening solutions with niacinamide can reduce the appearance of dark circles and brighten the eye area. This is especially important for those who have been losing sleep over a big event.


This article is intended as general information only. You should seek advice from a professional before starting any new regime or course of conduct.