How to choose skincare products for eczema

  • The simpler the formula, the better

  • The simpler the formula, the better

  • Try glycerol

  • Use a balm or ointment to moisturise

How to choose skincare products for eczema
How to choose skincare products for eczema

Faced with so much choice, it’s not always easy knowing which skincare products to choose, let alone when you suffer from especially dry skin or, even worse, eczema. To find out how to get it right, we ask expert and dermatologist, Dr Justine Kluk  to divulge her top 3 rules for choosing the right skincare products for dry skin and eczema.

1. Keep it simple

Avoid fragranced or foaming shower gels or soaps - choose bath or shower emollient washes instead. Add a soothing emollient oil to bath water.

2. Go for glycerol

Moisturisers containing lactic acid, glycerol or urea (humectants) are particularly good for very rough skin or if itching is a problem.

3. Try balm or ointment

For eczema-prone skin a balm or ointment is preferable. Simple, non-fragranced preservative-free moisturisers are best and should be applied at least twice daily for dry skin, more often for eczema-prone skin. For dry skin a moisturising cream may suffice.

And, finally…

The real insiders’ tip to gain maximum moisturising power? Dr Kluk says “Absorption can be increased by applying within 5 minutes of a bath or shower” so remember to moisturize when the skin is freshly washed.

So, what exactly is eczema?

Eczema is a chronic skin condition caused by inflammation. Its most common form is atopic dermatitis (AD). In plain English, its symptoms are an itchy rash due to dry skin. The reasons for eczema are numerous, from allergens, to dry cold air, to warm humid air, clothes irritations or stress. There are many ways to manage your eczema, depending on its triggers, and one of them is making sure your skin is properly moisturised with the right products. La Roche Posay’s Lipikar Dry Skin range is fragrance-free, and was devised for very dry, atopic-prone skin, repairing the skin’s natural barrier and providing both soothing and hydration.