How seasonal allergies might be affecting your skin

  • Changes in temperatures can affect skin conditions and allergies
  • Spring and summ
  • Changes in temperatures can affect skin conditions and allergies
  • Spring and summer bring common pollen allergies like hay fever
  • One common symptom of allergies includes dry, itchy skin
How seasonal allergies might be affecting your skin
How seasonal allergies might be affecting your skin

Spring & Summer Allergies

Another season, another challenge. Spring and summer may be welcome but for many of us it means hay Fever season.

Hay Fever

A great classic! Many of us suffer from hay fever, or an allergy to pollen. When spring arrives, the air is rich in pollens, carried by the breeze, and we are immediately affected by those allergens we breathe in. Sneezing, eyes watering and puffy eyes are all common symptoms of hay Fever. Need a solution? Toleriane Ultra Eye Contour by La Roche-Posay relieves skin discomfort, eye bags and inhibits the release of histamine thanks to its niacinamide (vitamin B3).

Hay Fever can also cause a rash, and even in some cases welts, making our skin itchy, puffy and generally irritated. Try Toleriane Ultra Fluide, a moisturizer with the British Allergy Foundation’s seal of approval. Without preservatives, parabens, alcohol, fragrances, lanolin or colorants, it’s a truly gentle formula with a powerful soothing agent: neurosensine, that stops inflammation and soothes, restoring comfort to dry skin.

Did you know?

1. Approximately 7.8% of people 18 and over in the U.S. have hay fever.

2. Allergic rhinitis aka hay fever affects between 10% and 30 % of the global population.

3. In 2011-2012 - 17.6 million adults were diagnosed with hay fever and 6.6 million children reported having hay fever.

How about Hives?

Also on the hit list for summer and spring issues are hives. Your skin’s reaction to an allergen, it’s also known as “Urticaria”.

Unsightly red, itchy bumps that usually last a matter of hours, they appear clustered in plaques. They can affect the entire body and be itchy, or sting. If the symptoms persist several days, it could be your hives are due to an allergy to something ingested. Hives can also simply be a reaction of the skin to overheating. Try La Roche-Posay’s Thermal Spring Water “Eau Thermale’ mist to cool down on hot days. It’s been tested for sensitive skin and is naturally anti-oxidant, soothing and hydrating instantly.

Autumn & Winter Allergies

It’s not only with the warmer days that problems arise. With drops in temperatures and a dryer environment, skin can get worse in its reaction to allergies too.


Those who suffer from eczema or dry skin, will know that as soon as the temperatures drop, and the wind chill goes up, with drier air (usually worsened with heating) skin can become increasingly dry and irritated. Check your elbows, knees, face, neck, and hands for dry red, rough patches of skin as this is where eczema forms most commonly. And remember to keep skin hydrated at all times to soothe any discomfort. Worried your skin will react? Try the gentle Toleriane range, adapted to sensitive skin and endorsed by the British Allergy Foundation.