How long does acne last?

  • Adult acne is increasingly common

  • Adult acne is increasingly common

  • Environment, skincare and lifestyle all affect acne’s lifespan

  • Women are most likely to suffer adult acne due to hormonal changes

How long does acne last?
How long does acne last?

This is a tricky one, and possibly similar to asking ‘how long is a piece of string?’ but we’ll do our best to answer. Sadly, it’s more and more common to suffer from adult acne.

Why does the length of time one suffers from acne change?

Expert dermatologist Dr. Haus of London’s Harley Street  says “It really varies depending upon environment, lifestyle, skincare and diet. Acne normally starts during teenage years, but can well continue into adult life.” So sadly, there is no time limit  on how long acne lasts.

Who is most likely to suffer?

More bad news for women: according to the American Academy of Dermatology 50% of adult women will suffer in their adult lives, while 1/3 of adults who suffer from acne prone skin will also have back or body acne.

Why oh, why do we have to suffer acne as grown up women?

Hormones are obviously partly responsible, so it’s likely to happen during pregnancy or the menopause, or due to the pill, and around your period. But stress, tiredness, a bad diet and experimenting with beauty products that clog up pores can also contribute.

What can I do?

A good skincare routine is key. Adopt in a gentle but effective cleanser such as Effaclar Foaming Gel Wash to clear pores and remove excess sebum. Follow with a blemish-treating moisturiser such as Effaclar Duo +. This moisturiser not only hydrates skin but helps reduce the size and appearance of spots, unclogs pores and helps prevent marks left by spots.