How Irritated Feeling Skin Can be Due to Dryness

Dry patches, flakiness and tightness: when the skin is dry, irritated feeling skin can become a problem. People experiencing these skin concerns can develop a complex about their appearance and experience discomfort.

How Irritated Feeling Skin Can be Due to Dryness


Dry patches causing an irritated feel: when these problems occur...

The problems observed can be:

    • The areas affected are generally those exposed to the cold like the lips and hands or areas subject to rubbing.
    • Dry patches. These take the form of dry rough areas of skin located on the cheeks, around the mouth and on the arms, especially in children.


Why do we sometimes get feelings of dry skin

When the skin often becomes dry and feels irritated, it can be because the skin type is more susceptible to this. The skin is then naturally more sensitive to outside attacks and repeated rubbing. The wind and cold for example can aggravate the feel of irritation.


Good daily habits

To promote healthy-feeling skin, nothing should be left to chance.

    • cleanse skin with a product formulated for sensitive skin
    • 2 to 3 times a day, use a treatment formulated to protect the skin and hydrate it

If the symptoms persist, consult your dermatologist.