How I found the right moisturiser for my severely dry skin

  • Take showers instead of baths and apply moisturiser to damp skin
  • Lipikar Lait is quickly absorbed and repairs the skin’s natural barrier
How I found the right moisturiser for my severely dry skin

Nicole, 36 spent years looking for the right products to manage her dry skin issues. After trying everything from high street brands to various pharmaceutical products, she found a product that worked for her, thanks to La Roche-Posay.

She says “I have had severely dry skin for my whole life. I remember my mum always telling me not to itch but we never really realized it was a condition! Anyway, eventually a dermatologist appointment helped me understand that I had dry skin and that it could be managed.”

How did you manage your dry skin?

“To start off with I changed my routine – I cut down on baths, opting for showers instead. When I did bath, I reduced the time I spent soaking, because I realise that had an impact. I also stopped using very hot water, and now I shower with lukewarm water. But most of all, on stepping out of the shower I apply a good moisturiser. I was told that it sinks in better just after your shower. It really made a difference.”

Which moisturiser do you use?

“I tried everything! For years I convinced myself that it was ok to scratch a little if I came out smelling sweet like apricots or tropical coconuts! Of course, I know now that those lovely smelling moisturisers can make my condition worse so now I stick to hypoallergenic and fragrance-free products and it really has helped my skin. I’ve started using Lipikar Lait from La Roche-Posay because I find it really soothing.“

How did it change your skin?

“My skin feels smoother and more nourished and I only need to apply once a day. I also like the fact that it’s quite light and that it’s got shea butter in the ingredients, as well as La Roche-Posay thermal spring water which helps to sooth my dry skin.