How can prebiotic skincare calm my sensitive skin?

Prebiotics are the latest skincare ingredient everyone’s talking about but can they make

Prebiotics are the latest skincare ingredient everyone’s talking about but can they make a difference to your sensitive skin?

How can prebiotic skincare calm my sensitive skin?
How can prebiotic skincare calm my sensitive skin?

The Sensitive skin epidemic

Today, more than half the world’s population claim to have sensitive, over reactive skin either all the time or at some point during their lifetime, with 1 in 3 people suffering from allergic skin. This is because environmental stress from pollution, UV, air conditioning, diet and a host of other factors have all contributed to putting our skin barrier under extreme pressure. Even the products you’re using can compromise skin’s delicate balance. Simply put, the modern world and our frenetic lifestyles are playing havoc with our skin.

You can tell if you have sensitive skin if it burns, stings and pulls or is prone to redness and imperfections. Psoriasis and eczema are other tell-tale signs that your skin is reactive. If all this sounds familiar then you may be suffering from sensitive skin and more than likely worrying about how to treat it.

Why sensitivity is linked to friendly bacteria

While you may not link your skin sensitivity to the levels of healthy bacteria in your body, it’s important to understand that not all bacteria are bad - in fact we have an ecosystem of trillions of friendly bacteria living in our bodies. This ecosystem is known as the microbiome and is absolutely vital for our health.  Moreover, while many of us are aware of the microbiome in the gut, less people know that the skin has its own microbiome - billions of micro-organisms living at its surface. A balanced microbiome is responsible for everything from a healthy metabolism to weight, mood, brain function and, you guessed it, skin health.

Scientists have recently discovered that a depleted microbiome can often be related to irritable, dry skin, whereas a rich, diverse microbiome is associated with calm skin. In fact your skin’s microbiome acts like a second barrier to fight against external aggressors. This means that restoring and nurturing the full spectrum of bacterial species living on skin can serve to calm the inflammation that is to blame for the symptoms of sensitivity. Hello, healthy, hydrated skin.

How can prebiotic skincare fix my microbiome?

With today’s scientific discoveries, any sensitive skin solution worthy of attention, needs to both repair skin’s physical lipid barrier – in other words, do the job of a traditional moisturiser – and also replenish its “2nd barrier,” the skin’s microbiome. This can be done with prebiotic ingredients - which provide the vital fiber that the microbiome needs to grow and thrive.  The Toleriane Sensitive range of prebiotic products provides a daily dose of skin food.  It includes Toleriane sensitive Crème for combination skin, Toleriane Sensitive Riche for dry skin and Toleriane sensitive Fluid for oily skin so all your skin’s needs are covered. These unique products are tested on even the most sensitive skin and contain a potent mix of prebiotic hero ingredients including:

  • Ceramide 3 to reinforce the lipid barrier while providing a source of carbon for beneficial bacteria.
  • Niacinamide to calm the symptoms of sensitive skin.
  • La Roche-Posay prebiotic thermal water which has a proven track record to act on microbial diversity on dry and irritated skin. Its unique microbiological and mineral profiles drive the growth of skin’s friendly bacteria for a healthy microbiome.

With all 500 species of its microbiome flourishing, along with a hydrated lipid barrier, skin is much more able to fight against everyday aggressors that come from modern living. Cultivate your skin’s friendly bacteria and watch your skin thrive and glow!