Getting rid of acne for good with the right diet and lifestyle: Amy’s story

Getting rid of acne for good with the right diet and lifestyle: Amy’s story
Getting rid of acne for good with the right diet and lifestyle: Amy’s story

Today we meet Amy who battled with acne for many years until she finally found the perfect skincare regime, lifestyle, and diet that suits her skin.

Before you found a skincare regime and lifestyle that suited your skin, how did your acne affect you?

I never used to go out without makeup on, even if it was to see close friends or family. I didn’t feel confident enough if I wasn’t wearing foundation or a product that covered any breakouts or my uneven skin tone.

What was the breakthrough moment for you where you turned a corner with your skin?

Finding and using the correct skincare has really helped my skin and not caused so many reactions or breakouts.  For a while I didn’t realise that I had sensitive skin, and so I was using products with ingredients that didn’t suit me. I had to go through lots of irritation, redness and rashes before I realised my skin was sensitive! Now I look out for products that are specially designed for sensitive skin, that’s really helped me to turn a corner with my skincare.

How has finding your perfect skincare regime helped build your confidence?

Getting a skincare routine that really suits you has definitely helped me love my skin more. I have also become less paranoid about going out without too much makeup on now that I’m older.

How did you find the perfect skincare regime?

I spent a lot of time and money over the years trying to find one that really suited my skin and felt right! I tried a lot of products, as some really didn't work with my skin type; I found some were too abrasive as I have very sensitive skin. I also tried to read up on blogs and watch YouTube videos of things people have tried and this really influenced my decision on buying or trying new products for my skin regime.

Did you change your lifestyle at all to try and help improve your skin?

Yes, I started exercising twice a week and tried to drink two litres of water a day to improve my skin and also my wellbeing. Over the years I think lifestyle changes have definitely helped my skin and having a healthy balanced diet. I also really love trying new healthy recipes and exercise to help with feeling good about myself.

Tell us a bit more about your diet and how it affects your skin…

I definitely try to have two litres of water a day and not to have too many fizzy drinks in my week as they are full of sugar. I also find it’s easier to have your five-a-day in a smoothie, which I've recently been doing more! I try to keep a balance of everything in moderation as too many sugary or salty snacks make my skin breakout.

What would you want to say to reassure other people who suffer with acne-prone skin?

It does get better! In my experience, I wanted to find a quick solution fast and this is not always right or good for your skin! Trying to pop spots or blemishes did not help my skin and you have to find a way that works for you in the long run. Having spots is OK! I’m sure the people around you want to be around you regardless of you having acne or not!

How has your life improved now that you have learnt to love your skin?

I am more confident as I have learnt ways of making sure it is in good condition by simply trying things such as diet changes; and skincare over the years has really helped.


*Not a real image of Amy.