Finding the right foundation for sensitive skin: Hellen's story

Hellen, 18, was looking for a foundation with enough coverage to mask her acne scars, but one that wouldn't sting her sensitive skin and cause red patches and itchiness.

Finding the right foundation for sensitive skin: Hellen's story

She found her perfect foundation: Toleriane Teint. Here's her story...

"I was 15 when the acne started – right at that age when you're sensitive about everything in life – spots seemed like the worst thing in the world! Plus, it wasn't just my emotions that were sensitive, I'd always had sensitive skin right from childhood. I'd scratch and pick at the spots, making them so much worse, which eventually caused scars.

I tried wearing really heavy foundation to cover the marks, that now when I look at the photos, looked awful. If anything, it made my scars and spots stand out more, plus it really stung my skin and, when I took it off, my face would be red and sore. So I'd cover it up even more - a vicious cycle.

It was on an exchange trip I went on last term that I noticed the girl I was staying with also had acne scars when she wasn't wearing any makeup, but during the day she looked like she had naturally perfect skin. So I asked her what she used and she showed me her Toleriane Teint that the pharmacist had recommended to her.

I've been using this foundation ever since! Wearing Toleriane Teint not only covers my scars, but it also soothes my sensitive skin. It’s ideal for me as it moisturises the areas of dryness and reduces the redness too. Toleriane Teint is a huge part of how I got my confidence back!"