Festival Season Skin Survival

With limited luggage options and a lack of running water, our skincare routine has to be carefull

With limited luggage options and a lack of running water, our skincare routine has to be carefully adapted when we’re off to a festival.  You might be tempted to ditch your skin care regime for a few crazy days away, but luckily, we are here to help with our Festival Skincare SOS

Festival Season Skin Survival
Festival Season Skin Survival

Less definitely means more in this case - keep skincare and make up to the minimum by using products which are multitasking, compact, and ultra-effective.

  • You should protect your skin from the harmful effects caused by the sun’s UV rays all year round. But the beginning of summer is the most critical time because the sun is at its most direct and intense phase. You can find sun care suitable for every skin type with La Roche-Posay, so pop one in your backpack and apply regularly.
  • Micellar water is an ideal festival product as it doesn’t need rinsing with water. This one-step cleanser will remove all traces of dirt & make-up in a few simple sweeps with a cotton ball.
  • A rich moisturiser that can also double as a hand-cream and help to address any dry areas across the body to keep your skin feeling hydrated.
  • If you can’t be without make-up, try choosing another 2-in-1 product such as a BB Creme, or tinted sun care. These products are excellent time-saving options and a good lightweight alternative to your regular foundation.
  • Dehydration and heat exposure can cause irritation to your lips. Keep an intensive lip balm to hand and apply regularly.
  • A handbag sized thermal water spray has multi-purpose benefits; a light spritz to hydrate partied-out skin won’t interfere with foundation or mascara and can actually help to set it and keep you looking fresh.