Festival season: 5 must-have items to take with you

  • Pack light with multi-tasking products like La Roche Posay&

  • Pack light with multi-tasking products like La Roche Posay’s Thermal Spring Water

  • Treat your skin kindly in the great outdoors, and don’t forget SPF!

  • Don’t skip your skincare routine

Festival season: 5 must-have items to take with you
Festival season: 5 must-have items to take with you

It’s festival season! And with that comes the eternal question of what to pack for the long days, and short action-packed nights to stay looking and feeling good, whatever the conditions. Come rain or shine, La Roche Posay has the ideal feel-good festival kit on hand.

For a refreshing treat anytime, anywhere: La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water

This fine micro-spray is really gentle, soothing and refreshing. Great in the heat, and in a handy 50ml travel size, it’s one of those must have summer season items.  Perfect to use on sunburn, prickly heat, razor burn or eczema as well as allergies - a quick spray to soothe your skin, no matter where you are. The micro-spray mist is packed with La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water, rich in anti-oxidants to help soothe irritated or itchy skin in an instant! It’s also good as a toner or cleanser. What’s not to love about this multi tasking fresh mist?

For easy makeup removal: Toleriane Monodose Eye Make-up Remover

Ideal for travellers on the move, this is the ultimate in single dose eye makeup remover. Tested for sensitive and intolerant or allergy prone eyes, it’s also good for contact lense-users. Dissolving makeup without rubbing, its single-dose packaging means it’s great for travel and also to prevent against any contamination.

For tired skin at night: Toleriane Ultra Night

Long days and short nights make for tired skin. Make sure you keep moisturised to perk it up! Toleriane Ultra Night is a great night cream, restoring skin’s comfort and eliminating  impurities.  Offering 24 hour hydration, it’s also great if you’re too busy having fun! And, it’s the first skincare range to be given the seal of approval by Allergy UK so it’s just the ticket to give your face a healthy boost.

For the best sun protection on the go: Anthelios Invisible Fresh Mist SPF 50 

It’s important to wear sunscreen every day especially if you are spending a lot of time outdoors, even if the sun isn’t out. Try Anthelios Invisible Anti-Shine Mist, a high broad-spectrum photostable UVA/UVB/Infrared protection sunscreen for sensitive skin. Light and fresh, it’s easy to apply, mess free, and leaves no marks. It’s water resistant too!

For the perfect selfie pout: Nutritic Lips 

Give your pout a little extra moisture thanks to Nutritic Lips! This non-greasy, hypoallergenic pocket-sized lip balm is enriched with bio-lipids and ceramides to nourish and soothe your dry, cracked lips.

Now, there’s no excuse not to look as fresh as a daisy during festival season!