Feeling confident with your coverage: how to ensure your makeup lasts all day

Feeling confident with your coverage: how to ensure your makeup lasts all day

It’s been one of those bad skin days, and you have an important do on in the evening - but don’t panic, there’s no need to go home in a frenzy! We spoke to Tahira, makeup artist and expert from Beautybytahira.com, about achieving all day coverage so you can walk out of the door feeling confident, all day, well into the evening. She says “It is all about the layers for me. I work using thin veils of colour when doing makeup for events or even for models.”

A good routine makes for a good base 

Good skincare will nourish your skin so it does not 'drink' the makeup, so be sure to cleanse and moisturise properly and then wait a few minutes before applying a primer to smooth, dry pores. Then use a thin base all over and add your foundation or concealer to correct where necessary. Tahira’s secret? “I usually do a light loose powder after base and then do makeup before pressing compact powder on the T-zone.

Getting all day makeup that lasts

The next step to all day makeup coverage, is securing your colours. From lip to eye makeup, there are extra tips to make sure your makeup lasts all day. To make lipstick last, it’s best to use a pencil all over first before applying your chosen shade. Another insider tip? “An old Hollywood trick is to apply your lipstick then use one ply of tissue and blot your lips to remove any excess.” For eye makeup it is actually best to use an eye makeup primer and then stick to powders, rather than layering cream and powder shadow.”  So there you have it, a few basic rules to keep you looking perfect from morning until night!