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Why does it take so long to get rid of acne?

Sadly, there is no quick fix for acne. No matter how much we wish it would, acne does not go away quickly. Treatments have to be trialled for months and creams applied diligently for weeks before seeing any results - so why does it take so long to get rid of acne?

We aren’t addressing the cause

First of all it’s important to understand that acne is caused by a number of factors, which in part is why it is so difficult to treat. Unlike other skin conditions or diseases, it’s hard to test what is causing acne.

Diet, lifestyle, imbalanced hormones, excess sebum production and bad habits are amongst the variables that could be causing our acne. Once we pinpoint the cause it is easier to choose appropriate treatments for acne, but narrowing down the list can take some time!

Try and cut down on the time it takes you to identify what’s causing your breakouts by keeping a skin diary. Make a note of ‘down’ days where your skin has a flare up, and what you were doing, eating, using, that day is a good way to narrow down what’s helping or harming your skin. Getting to the root of the problem should be easier if you can see that on days you breakout you’re eating a certain food, wearing particular makeup, or doing a particular activity. 


We’re treating the wrong thing

On our journey to pinpointing the cause of our acne we could end up using the wrong treatments, that actually make our existing blemishes worse.

There are different types of spots, which require different treatments. Treating a spot the wrong way could make it stick around for longer, or even get worse. If you ever find your skin becoming inflamed or uncomfortable after starting a treatment, the best thing to do is put it on hold and consult a doctor. That way you can be sure you aren’t damaging your skin.


Expecting there to be a cure for acne

It’s often surprising and disheartening to learn that there is no cure for acne, this can make us feel like our spots are never going away. However, sticking with the right treatment is definitely the right way forward because although acne can’t be cured, symptoms can be successfully managed with ongoing treatment. 

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