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What exactly is thermal spring water?

Many of us don’t know what the benefits of thermal spring water are, and why it’s better for our skin than water from the tap. Water is water surely?

Many of us don’t know what the benefits of thermal spring water are, and why it’s better for our skin than water from the tap. Water is water surely?


Breaking the words down makes it easier to understand what Thermal Spring Water is and where it comes from…

What is thermal spring water?

A spring is essentially a completely natural situation whereby water flows to the Earth’s surface from what is known as an aquifer. During this process minerals are dissolved into the water as it passes through underground rocks. If collected correctly, the water is pure and clean. In addition spring water usually has a neutral pH.

A thermal spring is a spring of naturally hot water. The heat is produced by water which rises from the Earth’s crust. These thermal springs are a popular source of tourism all over the world due to their skin healing benefits. Heated water is able to contain more dissolved solids than cold water, so thermal springs often have a high mineral content.

So thermal spring water is naturally occurring water, which is pure and rich in minerals due to the process in which it is made.

How long has thermal spring water been used in skincare?

Thermal spring water may recently have gotten popular with bloggers talking about blemishes, but it turns out those of us in the dark about thermal spring water are very late to the party! Its earliest uses include treating skin conditions as well as arthritis, joint pains and burns. As early as the 17th century there are some who claim the water was being used to treat medical conditions. Fast forward to the 21st century and thermal spring water continues to be used today to treat inflammatory skin conditions, itchiness, eczema, rosacea and blemishes. Some of the more modern uses of Thermal Spring Water include toning, refreshing, and soothing irritation.

So how is it so different to other water?

Don’t be fooled by the name, thermal spring water is different to ‘normal’ water. The long process by which rain water travels through mountains and rocks and resurfaces allows the water to become packed full of minerals. Something important to consider is the natural process in which thermal water is created. This mineral water is so different to the water from our taps and it is created deep underground, away from bacteria and pollution. Iodine, mineral salts and Co2 are just some of the powerful components thermal spring water is comprised of. The completely natural method in which the water is created is good news for those with blemish prone skin. A common anxiety amongst those with blemishes is the fear of harmful bacteria coming into contact with skin and worsening them.

How to use Thermal Spring Water

It’s easy to incorporate Thermal Spring Water into your skincare regime, and it has a multitude of functions. The calming formula is ideal to soothe and refresh skin during the day, and can also double up as a toner in the morning and evening. Thermal Spring Water is also ideal to use as a setting spray after applying makeup.

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