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Understand UVB-UVA Protection Factors

Choosing the right sunscreen can be a real dilemma. With all the different names and abbreviations (SPF, PPD), it's not always easy to find what you need: what do we need to know to get the best protection?

Say goodbye to sunburn

In order to protect against sunburn and burns, you need to choose the right SPF (Sun Protection Factor). It is indicated on all sunscreens, and there are four levels of protection: low (factor 6 to 10), medium (15 to 25), high (30 to 50) and very high (50+).

Depending on your phototype, your skin will react more or less quickly to the sun.

While some skins tan naturally, others are more fragile or need a constantly high protection factor. With a high protection factor, your skin is better protected. However, after two hours you must reapply the product generously.

Good to know: what is my phototype?

The phototype classifies individuals according to the way their skin reacts to the sun. There are six types:

  • Phototype I: milky skin (redheads), always burns, never tans, many freckles.
  • Phototype II: fair skin, always burns, sometimes achieves a slight glow, many freckles.
  • Phototype III: fair to dark skin, sometimes burns, always tans (medium tan), some freckles.
  • Phototype IV: dark skin, never burns, always tans (dark tan), no freckles.
  • Phototype V: brown skin, never burns, always tans (very dark tan), no freckles.
  • Phototype VI: black skin, never burns, no freckles.

Stop premature aging

As for UVB rays, there are different levels of protection from UVA rays, known as PPD (Persistent Pigment Darkening). Sun protection with a high PPD provides better protection from the damage caused by the UVA rays responsible for sun allergies, premature aging of the skin, the appearance of pigmentation marks or sometimes simply pimples, and can also lead to a higher cancer risk.

A sunscreen with a good SPF/PPD ratio offers the best protection against UV rays (or in other words a broad spectrum protection). The Anthelios range provides an effective UVA and UVB protection thanks to an SPF/PPD ratio that is more stringent than that recommended by the European Commission. Anthelios is available in SPF 30 (high protection) and SPF 50+ (very high protection).

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