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Truth or myth? Young children and older people don’t get acne

Myth! While it's rare for both older people and young children to get acne it is possible.
10 Aug 2020

Myth! While it’s rare for both older people and young children to get acne it is possible.

Why do elderly people get acne?

It’s hard to believe that elderly people suffer with problem skin, but some do and it’s usually due to the menopause or medication they might be taking.

For women over 60 years old, it’s a time of change when it comes to hormones due to the onset of the menopause. The shift in hormone levels can cause acne in older females. One of the reasons is that women stop taking birth control pills, which can help to keep acne at bay. Fluctuating hormone levels can also stimulate the sebaceous gland, a small gland which produces sebum to lubricate the skin, and a rise in sebum could lead to clogged pores and new blemishes.

Acne can also be a side effect of some medications,  like treatments for depression or stress, which are among the most common medications renowned for causing breakouts.

Why do some children get acne?

Generally, children from the age of two to about nine don’t usually get acne because the sebaceous glands decrease in activity until puberty when they begin to increase in activity again, and produce more sebum which can potentially block pores. However, there are rare cases of young children getting acne and it’s most likely a result of some hormone disruption that causes early flare-ups. These could also be a sign of precocious puberty so it’s worth consulting a doctor.


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