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What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What type of sunscreen should I use?

Everyone is happy to see the sun! But we now know we need to be very careful about our sun exposure, to avoid UVA and UVB damage; be it skin ageing, sunburn, or, ultimately, melanoma
What is the skin microbiome

What is the skin microbiome and why is it important?

When you hear the term microbiome, you probably immediately think of the gut. But microbiome actually describes the community of invisible microorganisms - comprising hundreds of different kinds of bacteria, fungi, and viruses2 - that live and work together throughout the human body1, including the skin.

What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Top 10 Tips for Caring For and Protecting your Hands

Hands play an important role in our lives. We use our hands to express ourselves; we use them to show our affection for the ones we love; we use them to cuddle our children and we even put them through the stress of daily chores and other complex activities. Our hands are a vital tool that we should definitely care for.
7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

How to treat a dry, itchy or oily scalp

Socially embarrassing and physically uncomfortable, scalp skin problems such as itching, dryness or oil (even sometimes all three) can be very stressful for the sufferer. Let's have a look at what can cause the skin on your scalp to act up, and how you can treat it.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Our best cleansing products

Cleansing is one of the most important parts of any skincare routine. Sweeping away impurities, pollution, oil and makeup, this vital step helps the skin to stay fresh, clear and healthy. But what type of cleanser should you use for your skin type? Read on to learn about our best cleansers for oily, sensitive, dry and combination skin.
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Our day-to-day cleanser and moisturiser selection for those with acne-prone skin

For those with acne-prone skin, having a consistent daily skincare regime is important for so many reasons. Being persistent with your regime, and not chopping and changing products every week, will mean that acne-prone skin is less likely to become irritated by an overload of products. Patience is also important, products need to be given a proper chance to work otherwise they won't make any difference to your skin. Too many people who suffer from blemishes do not continue with their regimes long enough to see results. This is our selection of the day-to-day skincare products you should stick to if you want to see a difference in your acne-prone skin.
7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

Prebiotic vs Probiotic

The health benefits of prebiotics and probiotics on skin is big news right now. But what is the difference between prebiotics and probiotics, and how can they help in your skincare routine? Read on to find out.  
7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

The best anti-aging regime

Always wear SPF Harness the power of antioxidants, such as Vitamin C, to protect your skin from damage Regenerate your skin with Hyaluronic Acid and Retinol
What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

Your Allergy Season Essentials

Your Allergy Season Essentials Learn how allergies can affect you throughout the year and how you can effectively care and protect your skin.
7 best cleansers for sensitive skin

Why you should wear sunscreen all year round: Dermatologist Dr. Hiva Fassihi explains

Although invisible, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays that cause skin cancer and ageing are present all year round Sun protection should be applied daily, even in winter Look for "broad spectrum"-labelled suncare, which protects against both UVA and UVB rays. Consultant Dermatologist, Dr. Hiva Fassihi gives her sunscreen recommendation for sensitive skin
facial redness and inflammation

What causes facial redness and inflammation

A healthy blush and ruddy complexion are nothing to be embarrassed about; but when your skin redness starts to affect you psychologically, it’s worth finding out what the cause is. With so many causes of inflammation and redness it makes sense to identify your personal triggers…
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