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The best 5 sports for feeling relaxed

10 Aug 2020

It’s obvious that exercise is a stress buster and therefore helps you to feel relaxed, thus in turn improving your skin, especially if you suffer from acne. But with such a wide choice of types of sports and courses out there, which are the best to help combat stress efficiently?

Yoga: the best sport for stress control

Charlie Hagan, head of training and nutrition at Hagan and Pappin in London recommends yoga & pilates. “Both focus on body control, movement and breathing. Developing effective breathing patterns is essential for stress control. It’s incredibly relaxing to focus on your body and your breathing. Long term it will also optimise your body's posture and alignment leaving you looking and feeling energised and positive.” And it works for everyone. Even the world’s top rugby teams do pilates in off season to strengthen their cores and make them injury resistant!

Martial arts: the best sport for venting frustrations

Boxing and other martial arts are really popular and are definitely great for relieving stress. Hitting that punching bag is a real treat if you’ve got frustrations to get out. Several studies have shown that martial arts have a positive effect on overall mood and lower frustration levels.

Field sports: the best for team spirit

Field sports like football, hockey and lacrosse are excellent stress busters. In addition to their stop-start nature, giving an excellent high intensity interval workout boosting cardiovascular health and releasing endorphins, they also create a feeling of well being thanks to that special team spirit.

Swimming: the best health booster

Charlie Hagan adds: “Swimming is a complete health booster. It provides a full body aerobic workout releasing serotonin (a hormone that relieves stress). For a great cardio workout do a small number of fast lengths with rest in between each length. For a relaxing, therapeutic workout, do several slow lengths.”

Weightlifting: the best for endorphins

Weightlifting causes the body to release endorphins that are great at fighting stress. Squats, deadlifts and bench presses also promote good hormone balance, essential for skin health, which is no doubt why the Victoria Secret Angels do regular weight training!



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