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The 4 grades of oily skin and best products to help

Understand your acne. Adopt a stringent skincare routine. Consult a dermatologist.
10 Aug 2020

To best look after your skin, it’s important to understand what your skin type is. Dermatologists talk in ‘grades’ having split oily skin types into four levels. From grade 1 mild to grade 4 ‘advanced acne’ – find out which you are. 

Grade 1 oily skin: hyperseborrhea

  • shiny skin

  • open pores

  • acne spots

Hyperseborrhea sounds scarier than it is. The skin condition linked to excessive sebum production simply gives skin a shiny appearance, enhances oily skin and open pores or ‘comedones’ (blackheads), often resulting in acne. Common in teens and adults, this type of oily skin is best treated with La Roche-Posay Effaclar Mat. An oil free moisturiser, its formula with sebulyse and absorbent micro powders mattifies skin and regulates sebum while hydrating too.

Grade 2 oily skin: retentional acne

  • Blackheads

  • Micro-cysts

  • Grey and dull complexion

  • Irregular skin texture.

Grade two is a common form of acne, which is often visible due to nasty sounding ‘papulopustules’ and lesions resulting from inflammation and infection of the hair follicle. This type of acne is most common in adult women and best treated with Effaklar K+. With LHA, salicylic acid, sebulyse, airlicium, vitamin E and carnosine, this oil free cream refines skin texture, unblocks pores and also regulates sebum.

Grade 3 oily skin: inflammatory / mixed acne

  • Inflamed red spots

  • Irregular skin texture

  • Marks and skin tone differences

Also called ‘pustular acne’, this level of acne is visible by its pustules due to hormonal imbalances. This type of acne usually affects teenagers and responds well to Effaclar Duo+. With LHA, procerad,niacinamide, piroctone and olamine, Effaclar Duo+ reinforces anti-inflammatory action, works as anti-bacterial and unblocks pores, also refining skin texture.

Grade 4 oily skin: advanced acne requiring medication

  • plaques of spots

  • extreme dry skin

  • flaking

  • sensitivity

‘Nodulocystic’ acne or advanced acne requires medical treatment. It’s tell tale signs include extreme dryness, excessive skin peeling and heightened sensitivity. For Grade 4, try Effaclar H in conjunction with any medication you are prescribed. Rich in MP Lipids and Niacinamide it rebuilds the skin barrier, hydrates, repairs and works as an anti inflammatory, as well as providing a much needed soothing sensation!

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