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Is your work environment making your acne worse?

if you're working in a particularly polluted area or your commute to work takes you into the city, which tends to be more polluted, the chances are your skin is suffering. Pollution and toxins in the air can actually get into your bloodstream. Once in the bloodstream they are absorbed by small blood vessels called capillaries, to the skin. This is bad news because these toxins can manifest themselves as acne.
10 Aug 2020

Working in environments where your face comes into contact with grease is an obvious no-go for those of us with blemishes. If you work in kitchens, you may be exposed to some oily or greasy foods, so take care not to wipe your face with your hands as you could transfer the oil on your hands to your face. Oil mixed with bacteria and dead skin cells leads to new spots because it mixes together and clogs pores.

Combatting a bad work environment

Without having to change jobs, there are some simple ways you can address your bad working environment.

Breathe clean air:

Breathing clean air is of paramount importance, especially for those working in the city. Make sure your office or building has a filtration system, even a smaller one that you can use for your own space. This will limit the amount of toxins that are entering your bloodstream through the air.

Get outside:

Try and make sure you leave the building you work in for your breaks. Get outside to an open space or park. This is a great way to feel better and get rid of some of the stress that the work day can bring, which can impact on your skin.

Change your skincare:

Finally, update your skincare routine to include products that actually protect against environmental damage like sun and pollution, as well as helping to strengthen the skin’s protective layer – a particularly handy addition to any city-dweller’s handbag.  

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