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weeping eczema

How to care for weeping eczema

  • Weeping eczema can affect babies, young children and even adults.
  • Avoiding hot showers and certain fabrics can help to soothe and calm your eczema, so you may have to set some new rules when it comes to making fashion decisions!
  • The most effective way to combat open eczema sores is by keeping the skin hydrated with a nourishing balm like Lipikar Baume AP+.
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As if dry, red and itchy skin wasn't uncomfortable enough, eczema can sometimes also break out in blisters on the skin weeping clear fluid. While this is more common in babies and young children, even adults can suffer from weeping eczema[1]. If you're a regular eczema sufferer, or even if you simply suffer from the occasional outburst, here's what you can do to help that sore, oozing rash.

Warm, not hot, water

A hot bath or shower can dry the skin out, which can make eczema even worse. Warm water can help reduce itchiness and remove the crusty surface of the skin, but you should avoid staying in the water too long and use emollient (skin softening) products designed for eczema-prone skin when washing.

Avoid man-made and scratchy fabrics

As a general rule, synthetic materials should be avoided when it comes to eczema, as they contains miniscule plastic fibres which can irritate the skin and make the oozing even worse. Rough textures like linen, wool and hemp have a similar effect on eczema-prone skin. Opt for loose cotton and natural silk fabrics where you can.

Stop scratching!

It's the easiest thing to say, and the hardest to do, but scratching at your skin breaks the surface and makes the eczema weeping, or oozing, worse. If you find the sensation unbearable, techniques to prevent scratching include wearing gloves, covering the affected area, or simply squeezing on the area using the palm of your hand instead of damaging the skin with your nails.

If you're concerned your weeping, red and itchy skin might be a sign of a more severe skin condition, such as discoid eczema[2], book a visit to your dermatologist to receive a professional diagnosis.

Use a topical cream to keep the skin moisturized

The most effective way to keep skin moisturised (and thereby reduce the dry, weeping cracks in the skin) is to use a topical cream formulated for eczema-prone skin. La Roche-Posay's Lipikar Baume AP+ is a balm created for sensitive and eczema-prone skin on babies, children and adults. It provides immediate relief from itching, 24 hour hydration, and helps space out the occurrence of future flare-ups, all while using a minimum of ingredients in a non-greasy, non-sticky texture.


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