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What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

What is sensitive skin? Sensitive skin is a common concern that now affects a growing number of adults and children. Identified by feelings of tightness, itchiness and dryness in the skin, it can flare up without warning, lasting for just a few hours or longer concentrated periods. But what causes sensitivity? Reactions in the skin occur when the natural barrier function becomes weakened by aggressors in our everyday environment such as changes in climate, pollution, pet hair, or washing detergents. Emotional factors such as stress can also play a part. Once the barrier is weakened, the skin cannot hold onto water as effectively as it once did, and it can start to feel drier and more sensitive.

How can I remedy it?


Simplify your skincare routine

The most effective way of treating sensitivity is with skincare that will help to soothe itching and dryness while working to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier. It is advisable, however, to keep your routine simple and use products with minimal ingredients to avoid creating any further irritation. Face serums are a great way to instantly soothe and hydrate the skin as they have a low molecular size which can penetrate the skin quickly and carry active ingredients to the deep layers of the dermis.


Protect the skin from environmental aggressors

Pollution and UV rays are always present in our environment and can weaken the skin’s natural barrier function. Prevent this from happening by applying a broad-spectrum suncreen in a high SPF to your face every day.  


Eat a healthy, balanced diet

If you are prone to skin sensitivity, it’s important to pay close attention to your diet so that you can identify any possible triggers. Eating a healthy, balance of foods including lots of fresh fruit and vegetables will also you get the nutrients you need for your body to work optimally. Find out which foods are best here


Avoid over-stripping the skin

Try to avoid harsh astringent formulas or scrubs as they can strip the skin of essential lipids and oils that keep the skin plump and hydrated. Look for formulas with active ingredients that help to hydrate, soothe and protect the skin from environmental aggressors.



What we recommend

TOLERIANE ULTRA Dermallergo Serum is La Roche-Posay's first neurosensine concentrated serum. Designed as a daily drop of power for sensitive skin, it’s formulated with 0.1% neurosensine, La Roche-Posay's anti-irritation thermal spring water and osmolyte. This soothing combination provides instant hydration that lasts for up to 48 hours while also helping to repair the skin’s natural barrier. This not only helps to soothe any immediate feelings of sensitivity and discomfort, but also strengthens the skin barrier to help protect against future flare-ups. Once applied, the skin should feel soothed, relieved and calm.


Clinically proven

In a self-assessment of 48 women, 98% of participants felt that TOLERIANE ULTRA Dermallergo Serum provided a soothing feeling on application, while 92% reported a feeling of nourishment and comfort. 89% also experienced less tightness and itchiness. Rigorous dermatological testing ensures this product is suitable for use on both sensitive and allergy-prone skin.



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