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How to banish body acne

Everything You Need To Know About Body Acne. Discover our top tips on preventing and treating acne on the body. Acne is something that we usually associate with the face, but did you know that it actually affects two thirds of people on the body? Here we reveal the key facts you need to know about body acne including the causes, preventatives and treatments that can help.

Body acne can often be caused by sweaty workouts

“More and more of us are noticing congestion on the body due to working out,” says Leading Dermatologist, Justine Hextall. “Sweaty skin and the friction caused by tight gym clothes can lead to breakouts on the body where we’ve never had them before”.


So how can you improve things without compromising your fitness levels? Most importantly, you should try to avoid spending long periods of time in your gym kit. While it can be tempting to head straight home after jumping off the treadmill, it’s advisable to remove sweaty layers as soon as you’ve finished exercising and carry a fresh T-shirt in your gym bag for the journey home.


Salicylic acid is an effective way of treating body acne

Acne is very common on areas such as the back but treating it can be a little tricky, especially when you can’t always see what you’re dealing with. The skin on the back is actually five times thicker than that on the face, and still has plenty of sebaceous glands that can become congested if not cleansed properly.


So what’s the best way of treating acne in this area? “Having a salicylic acid wash in your post-workout shower routine is key to keeping skin clear,” says Dr Hextall. This will help to remove sebum and bacteria and prevent future breakouts from occurring.


A consistent skincare routine is key

As with any new skincare routine, consistency is key so try to always keep a salicylic acid body wash in your gym bag and use it after every workout. It may take a couple of weeks to see results so don’t give up if you don’t see a huge change straight away.


Resist the urge to pick and scratch

It can be very tempting to touch and scratch at body acne, especially if it’s on your back but this can make a breakout worse as the nails transfer bacteria directly to the skin. Scratching and picking also stops the healing process from happening effectively, while increasing your chances of scarring and red marks.

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