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acne during pregnancy

How to avoid acne during pregnancy

10 Aug 2020

Pregnancy is a wonderful time in a woman`s life but we all know it also arrives with many unsettling changes. Your body changes shape, food cravings appear unannounced and acne-prone skin can also start to flare up.

Acne is very common during pregnancy, so much so that one in two pregnant women, report breakouts during the first trimester itself. And if you have a history of acne or find yourself breaking out just before your menstrual cycle, chances are higher of you developing pregnancy acne. The good news is if you go through the first trimester without any skin trouble, it’ll probably be smooth sailing all the way through.

Acne occurs due to hormonal changes during pregnancy. It’s natural and nothing to worry about and some dermatologists urge you to look at it as a cosmetic factor that will subside once the hormones settle. However, if you find that it is actually troubling you psychologically, do consider expert advice before reaching for drastic measures. There are some medications available for acne, but when you are pregnant, as a general rule it is better not take anything unless you have been advised to by your doctor. If your acne is severe, you might consider visiting your GP who might be able to prescribe you with a topical cream that could help, or even refer you to a dermatologist. Although there are several creams in pharmacies, when pregnant it is advisable to always check with a medical professional first.

Apart from seeing a professional, the best thing you can do for acne-prone skin during pregnancy is to continue a good skincare routine. Use a mild, purifying cleanser that will refresh your skin and draw out impurities without drying your skin. Remember to follow that up with an anti-blemish cream that’s been specially formulated to target oily, blemish-prone skin. Healthy habits like drinking plenty of water, including fresh fruit and vegetables in your diet, following an exercise routine, sleeping 8 hours a day and keeping stress at bay sound like obvious answers but do go a long way towards maintaining healthy skin. In addition, if you are considering taking up meditation or a calming hobby, do remember that keeping stress at bay might also help keep skin-problems at a distance.

So stay focused on the positive side of things and look at it as a special few months in your life. Acne-prone skin might cause a few issues during pregnancy, but there are effective ways to treat it and sometimes the breakouts subside naturally once the hormones settle down. We wish you a safe and healthy pregnancy.

This article is intended as general information only. You should seek advice from a professional before starting a new regime or course of conduct.

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