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What is the best body moisturiser for dry skin?

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Keeping skin well nourished and moisturised is key, so to find out more about our top 3 body moisturisers from La Roche Posay, read on!

For sensitive skin… Lipikar Lait

It’s simple, yet effective formula contains shea butter, glycerin and 1% niacinamide. Infused with La Roche Posay Thermal Spring Water it soothes and helps to repair the skin’s natural barrier while restoring lipids.

For Babies and Children… Lipikar Baume AP+

An award-winning cream, Lipikar Baume AP+ rebuilds the skin’s barrier and respects the skin’s microbiome. Suitable for babies from the 1st day of life, it's gentle recipe (50% Thermal Spring Water, 20% shea butter and glycerin, 4% niacinamide and canola oil) means a single application daily is enough!

For pampering… Iso Urea Lait Lissant

An intensely nourishing cream, La Roche Posay’s Iso Urea Lait Lissant works to hydrate, replenish and nourish dry, rough skin. Enriched with shea butter and urea and A.P.F it’s the ideal family moisturizer to smooth and soften skin with a rich, melt-in texture. It’s even suitable for those suffering from psoriasis.

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