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How Does Effaclar Spotscan Work?

EFFACLAR SPOTSCAN is the first personalized diagnosis tool powered by artificial intelligence (AI). It has been developed with doctor or dermatologist to provide a fast and accurate assessment for your skin and give you the best solutions for your beauty regimen.

Using Effaclar Spotscan is easy, just go to LRP LANDING PAGE HERE on your IOS or android device and click through to the Spotscan page. Alternatively, if using a laptop or desktop computer, scan the given barcode.


  1. You will be instructed to take 3 x selfies of your face; one from the front and a side profile from the left and right side of your face. Turn on your device’s sound, your right and left photos will be automatically taken after the countdown sound of the phone.
  2. The user-friendly service analyses the selfies to count your skin imperfections and determine your grade from 0-4+.
  3. It alerts you if a doctor or dermatologist consultation is needed, then provides your personalized EFFACLAR routine and skincare tips.
  4. It also allows you to see the expected results via a before/after simulator and follow-up your skin improvements all year long.


That’s it! Finding your way to better, more radiant-looking skin that is free from blemishes couldn’t be simpler. You journey to better skin starts here!

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