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Eczema-prone infant skin: Discover a life-changing routine

● Eczema or atopic dermatitis can occur from the age of three months and result in itching and ongoing discomfort ● Over time, eczema gradually diminishes and tends to go away by the age of five ● Once the flare up is over, use an emollient to help protect against future flare ups ● For lasting relief, keep the routine simple: choose one product and stick with it

When a baby has eczema-prone skin, the whole family is affected, both emotionally and in their everyday life. That’s why the La Roche-Posay laboratory developed the LIPIKAR range to meet the specific needs of eczema-prone skin.

Unbearable itching

Atopic dermatitis is a dermatological condition that can occur in infants from the age of three months. It is generally found on the face in infants, but can also develop in the skin folds around the knees, wrists and elbows as they grow.

Dry skin and changes in the skin's protective barrier are symptoms of this condition facilitating the penetration of allergens, causing itching that can lead to disrupted sleep, mood swings and ongoing discomfort. Parents often feel powerless when faced with this condition that causes so much discomfort and pain to young skin: suffering from itching, they cry, become agitated and unable to sleep.

Is there a better way to live with eczema?

For many children over time, its prevalence diminishes and, in most cases, eczema gradually goes away by the age of five. To cope, parents need to know how to manage episodes and how to care for their babies' skin to prevent further flare-ups.

Try opting for emmoliants like Lipikar Baume AP+ to help restore the balance of the microbiome - an intricate system of microorganisms that covers every part of our skin, and becomes imbalanced when irritated during a flare up.

Further LIPIKAR Baume AP+ benefits:

  • LIPIKAR Baume AP+ is formulated by the La Roche-Posay Dermatological Laboratory, with an active ingredient called Aqua Posae Filiformis. This ingredient works in harmony with Niacinamide to maintain microbiome balance and improve the comfort of even the most fragile and dry skin
  •  It immediately soothes itching with a 24-hour anti-itch formula. This helps to smooth and calm the skin, and space out flare-ups
  •  It restores the cutaneous barrier thanks to the combined action of Niacinamide and Shea butter at high concentrations
  •  To give lasting relief to your baby's hypersensitive skin, choose a product and stick with it. Avoid using multiple products by choosing LIPIKAR Baume AP+, you are targeting the primary factors that cause dry skin.

Be especially careful when bathing your baby

  • To complement your little one's skincare routine, particular attention should be paid to bathing and cleaning their skin:
  • Use a very mild, soap-free gel such as LIPIKAR Syndet AP+ suitable for your baby's fragile skin
  •  Opt for lukewarm showers over excessively hot baths
  • When your baby comes out of the water, thoroughly dry their skin by gently patting it. This helps the active ingredients in the emollient cream to better penetrate into the skin, which you should apply within 10 minutes of your baby's shower or bath.

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